Overview of Solar Flares

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Part of the Metrasynth project.


Sound design and performance tools for SunVox.

Tools included

Module Polyphonist
Converts most monophonic-only MetaModules into polyphonic MetaModules that support up to 16 simultaneous voices while keeping controller values synchronized.
Pattern Polyphonist
Converts a pattern that uses a standard module into one that rotates through the available voices of a polyphonic MetaModule.

Tools under development

MetaModule Construction Kit
A MetaModule construction kit based on a mixture of: creating modules and initial controller settings via code; direct manipulation of code inputs and controller values; customized mapping of controllers and controller groups to the final MetaModule.
FM-n Construction Kit
An application of the MetaModule Construction Kit and Module Polyphonist for creating and patching n-controller polyphonic FM synthesizers.

Support for dynamic UIs

Solar Flares has no interactive UI of its own; it interacts with dynamic UIs through data structures and hints.

Metrasynth `Solar Sails`_ is one such project: a desktop app for Linux, Mac, and Windows that wraps the Solar Flares tools.


  • Python 3.6